Fixing continuity errors

From time to time I am still working on further enhancing all cutscenes. Recently I encountered a rather interesting continuity error, which I hadn’t realised before, although I had seen this scene at least 50 times (I think I know these cutscenes better than Star Wars now).

In the final cutscene of the game our treacherous orcs suffer a slow and painfull demise.


A few frames later both suffering creatures have magically disappeared…


…only to re-emerge once again:


Several things are wrong in this scene: Both orcs are missing (2nd picture), the art style changed (3rd picture) and the crater around them is gone (2nd picture). I epxerimented quite a bit and in the end decised to do the simplest solution by just adding the missing orcs. I masked the transition from one art style to the other and if you don’t look for it you won’t even regognize it. It’s interesting to see how the whole seqence is making far more sense now.


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