Monthly Archives: June 2017

A better ddraw wrapper

I am still working on the project from time to time but, as predicted, progress is slow. While doing my latest playthrough I found a few little bugs which I’ve already fixed. I also removed a few more compression artifacts in Mix_complete09. But other than that there’s not much to tell right now.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve found a better ddraw wrapper for the game. In the past I’ve recommended dgvoodoo, which is still doing a fine job. But, at least on my system, it displayed the cutscenes with sporadic white flashing artifacts. So I searched for an alternative and I’ve found it: DXGL is a relatively new replacement for the Windows ddraw.dll library, running on OpenGL and at least on my system leads to better results. So maybe you’d like to give it a try. In order to make it work you have to install it and remove the ddraw.dll from the Warcraft Adventures game folder. Enjoy 🙂