Monthly Archives: August 2019

Beta 2.1 released!

It took almost exactly 12 month but I’ve managed to release the next version of my Warcraft Adventures Cutscenes Remaster Project. A lot of work went into this new release and I am quite happy with the result. So, what’s new?

BETA 2.1 includes 3 newly updated cutscenes. Further enhancements have been made to the TV recordings (Mix_complete17 and 22). Both cutscenes now run at 12 fps. That means, subtitles should work normally now. This is particularly important for the spanish translation project.

You can now use both mods without having any problems. Also several scenes now have proper mouth movements. Those were missing before, because I had started reanimating the characters but didn’t have time to do proper mouth animations. This has been fixed in the newest release.


Once again, I repainted a few scenes (Mix_complete17). For example, in this scene Thall finally has a real face again.


In addition I have removed compression artifacts in Blackmore’s horse riding scene (Mix_complete01). This had always been a scene where the low bitrate of the original videos became very obvious. Well, not any more.


So when you’re planning on doing another playthrough, don’t forget to download the new beta 2.1 and enjoy an even better experience. You know what? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download your ultimate Warcraft Adventure Experience…RIGHT NOW!

Banner BETA 2.1 Download.png