Monthly Archives: January 2018

Beta 1.3 released!

Once again it’s time for another update! After 5 months I’ve finally completed enough new material for a new release. Beta 1.3 includes 3 updated cutscenes with reduced compression artifacts, redrawn scenes to restore lost details due to previous filtering and fixed animation errors (missing mouth movements). Warcraft Adventures has never been better! Get it while it’s hot:

Banner BETA 1.3 Download.png


  • improved image quality – numerous scenes haven been redrawn by hand, missing mouth movements have been added (Mix_complete22)
  • improved image quality – numerous compression artifacts have been removed by hand (Mix_complete16, Mix_complete23)

On a side note: Mix_complete17 and 22 are far from finished. They have suffered a lot due to being filmed from a TV screen and subsequent filtering and I could redraw frames for the next 12 months in order to fix the biggest issues. For obvious reasons I won’t do that, but I may come back to them at a later stage.