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Plans for next beta

Now that the first beta is released, it’s time to think about the future. I’ve already fixed a small mistake in the ending cutscene, which will be included in the next release (beta 1.1): after having watched a video from Reidor I realized I had synced a short sentence from Thrall to the wrong mouth movement. Fixing it didn’t take long though. I’m pretty sure there will be more mistakes like this and I’ll try to fix them all for the next beta. But the next version will be more than just bugfixing.

For beta 1 I removed numerous compression artifacts in the intro and ending cutscene. For beta 2.0 my plan is to get rid of those artifacts in the other cutscenes as well.  Right now I am working on Mix_complete11 and the difference is quite noticable. As you can see, there’s still much to do. No time to get lazy 🙂

Mix_complete11 – unaltered version
Mix_complete11 – remastered version

Black screen fix

Update 3: I have an even better solution:

Update 2: I’ve uploaded a new package of dgvoodoo2. It includes a config file and should no longer need any configurations made by you. Simply extract it into your gamefolder and you’re ready to go:!1fgzAaga!ha7Na-gnxbLGsa3fruiJcJ9xy_kmAlnLQPw-oYVCC0o

Update: I’ve updated the instructions.

A few users reported  a black screen on Windows 10 while using IllidanS4’s 1.2 release. At first I could not reproduce the problem, but after having deleted and extracted the game to a different location I experienced the black screen as well.

The good news is, I’ve already found a solution. By using a different ddraw wrapper, in this case dgvoodoo2, the game works as before. I’m still not sure why this is happening in the first place, but honestly right now I don’t really care 🙂

You can download the wrapper from here or you can use my preconfigured and ready to use package by clicking on this link.


  1. Extract the files to your Warcraft Adventures game folder and start the game.
  2. Start dgVoodooSetup.exe (now in your Warcraft Adventures game folder) and make the following changes:
This keeps the correct aspect ration of 4:3.
This disables the watermark.

BETA 1 released!

Banner BETA 1 Download.png

The time has come! My attempt of adding sound effects to the cutscenes of Warcraft Adventures – Lord of the Clans has reached it’s first intermediate goal: The first beta is ready for download!

The game had been leaked in 2016, completely playable but with missing sound effects in almost all cutscenes.

This package contains all 20 cutscenes, including 2 cutscenes not included in the original leak. A lot of work went into these files:

  • The audio has been synced, with noise filtering applied where necessary.
  • Fitting sound effects and music have been added (200+ sound effects, music from Warcraft Adventures and Warcraft 1 + 3).
  • Lots of compression artifacts have been removed by hand (intro and ending).
  • Two previously missing cutscenes, only available as a TV recording, have been carefully remastered by using deflickering filters, waifu upscaling and Photoshop editing.
  • Missing voices have been restored in the AMI intro by using the original script and TTS software.


Simply exctract the downloaded file and copy the extracted cutscenes into the cutscenes folder of your Warcraft Adventures game folder, overwriting the existing ones.

Raidor for leaking the game and finding the missing cutscenes,
IllidanS4 for providing the missing cutscenes, his feedback and the translation of the original script and
Blizzard Entertainment for creating a truly unique game.

Warcraft Adventures is owned by Blizzard Entertainment. I do NOT own the game or it’s cutscenes. I’m simply doing this out of appreciation of this game. Therefore this package only contains the cutscenes, meant as a fanmade mod. I will never supply the whole game.