Final version 1.0 released!

It has finally arrived. After 2 years the next and final version has been released. Version 1.0 is a turning point for me. I have been working on it for the last 6 years and in that time I have done almost all I can do within a reasonable timeframe to complete and enhance the cutscenes. For me the game is very much enjoyable now and I see no real use in enhancing the cutscenes any further. I want to remember this project as something fun before it transforms into some kind of a burden. So this is it. The final release of my Cutscenes Remaster Project and I hope everybody who uses it can enjoy it as much as I do. I always wanted to create a substantial mod for a game I love and I can finally say that I have achieved (or at least tried) that.


  • all original low-res dragons have been redrawn in all scenes (Mix_complete22)
  • a new transitional scene has been created from scratch (Mix_complete22)
  • Alexstrasza has been given a complete makeover for a more cohesive appearance (Mix_complete22)
  • all of Thralls low-res scenes have been redrawn (Mix_complete22)
  • a continuity error has been fixed. Hellscream appears briefly sitting next to Doomhammer, although he has been captured by that point. He has now been replaced with with a random orc (Mix_complete22)
  • lots of little touch-ups in almost every scene (Mix_complete22)


Simply exctract the downloaded file and copy the extracted cutscenes into the cutscenes folder (…\W4\Cut_Scenes) of your Warcraft Adventures game folder, overwriting the existing ones.


Banner BETA 2.2 Download.png

Finishing touches…

I am doing the finishing touches on the next beta release, so I thought it would be nice to compare the latest version with the original TV rip VOB release. Quite a difference, wouldn’t you say? If you look hard enough, you’ll see I changed Thralls face since my last revision.

Looking for details

The 2 TV ripped cutscenes are lacking a lot of detail in a lot of scenes. I am trying to replace those elements as good as I can but it takes a lot of time and requires several iterations until I feel almost satisfied. The picture under this text is an example for this process: Yes, Thrall has got his face back but the body proportions don’t feel right just yet. Well, I’ll keep trying and eventually it’ll work out just fine. I am still planning on releasing 2.3 at the end of this year. Let’s see how this works out.

Thralls never-ending quest for lost details.

Beta 2.3 update

Before another year has passed I thought it should be time for another update. I am still slowly but steadily repainting animations and I wanted to show you a few examples. Keep in mind, that these are still work in progress animations so certain elements might not have been given a repaint.

I have been asked to give an ETA. I am planning on releasing the next beta until the end of this year. As I have said, my wife, my little boy and my job is keeping me busy (in the best way possible) so I am not constantly working on this. As always you can count on me finishing this, though.

Work on Beta 2.3 has begun

I have started working on a new release. I will focus on further enhancing the TV footage by redrawing specific scenes. Redrawing animations, especially moving heads and bodies is rather time consuming for me so this might take a while. Keep in mind, that everyting I post is a work in progress.

As you can see, this project is still alive and kicking, even after 4 years! A lot has changed in that time and it’s funny working on this and looking at my 3 month old baby boy lying next to me. I’ve grown up, I guess 🙂

Redrawing animations is a time consuming process, but it’s worth every minute of it.

WACRP Beta 2.2 released!

Another 9 months have passed and it’s time for a new release! As you can see, time between different releases is getting longer but between buying a house and starting a family I’m surprised there even IS a new version 🙂 Besides, WACRP is in a pretty good state now.

BETA 2.2 includes 2 newly updated cutscenes. Further compression artifacts have been removed in both the intro and final cutscene. In addition I have resynced a few voices (intro and ending) and fixed a continuity error (ending). So remember using the newest version for your next playthrough of Warcraft Adventures.

Banner BETA 2.2 Download.png

Fixing continuity errors

From time to time I am still working on further enhancing all cutscenes. Recently I encountered a rather interesting continuity error, which I hadn’t realised before, although I had seen this scene at least 50 times (I think I know these cutscenes better than Star Wars now).

In the final cutscene of the game our treacherous orcs suffer a slow and painfull demise.


A few frames later both suffering creatures have magically disappeared…


…only to re-emerge once again:


Several things are wrong in this scene: Both orcs are missing (2nd picture), the art style changed (3rd picture) and the crater around them is gone (2nd picture). I epxerimented quite a bit and in the end decised to do the simplest solution by just adding the missing orcs. I masked the transition from one art style to the other and if you don’t look for it you won’t even regognize it. It’s interesting to see how the whole seqence is making far more sense now.


Beta 2.1 released!

It took almost exactly 12 month but I’ve managed to release the next version of my Warcraft Adventures Cutscenes Remaster Project. A lot of work went into this new release and I am quite happy with the result. So, what’s new?

BETA 2.1 includes 3 newly updated cutscenes. Further enhancements have been made to the TV recordings (Mix_complete17 and 22). Both cutscenes now run at 12 fps. That means, subtitles should work normally now. This is particularly important for the spanish translation project.

You can now use both mods without having any problems. Also several scenes now have proper mouth movements. Those were missing before, because I had started reanimating the characters but didn’t have time to do proper mouth animations. This has been fixed in the newest release.


Once again, I repainted a few scenes (Mix_complete17). For example, in this scene Thall finally has a real face again.


In addition I have removed compression artifacts in Blackmore’s horse riding scene (Mix_complete01). This had always been a scene where the low bitrate of the original videos became very obvious. Well, not any more.


So when you’re planning on doing another playthrough, don’t forget to download the new beta 2.1 and enjoy an even better experience. You know what? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download your ultimate Warcraft Adventure Experience…RIGHT NOW!

Banner BETA 2.1 Download.png