A new coat of paint V

I  wanted to go back to this scene and redraw the characters for quite a long time…which I finally did today 🙂 Remember, this is, as always, a work in progress.

comparisson - fire.jpg


Another preview

Beeing the last release for quite a while, Beta 2.0 should at least correct the biggest issues. So I rewatched both “TVRip videos” and one scene definitely stood out. Thrall talking to the horde isn’t just the climax of the entire scene, it’s also the moment almost all detail gets lost. So, the next few days I’ll try to fix that. What you see below is ONE redrawn frame and it took me quite some time. In order to use it in the actual cutscene, I have to redraw all animations in that scene. Thankfully, that’s isn’t as much as it seems. The flags, a few spears and axes, waving hands and a talking (and walking) Thrall is “all” there is to do.