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Who needs more fps? We want less!

One of the amazing things about Warcraft Adventures is how much of the game actually got finished. It has, for example, complete optional english subtitles. Even in it’s cutscenes! My remastered cutscenes didn’t change anything about that except for two videos. Mix_complete17 and 22 had been filmed from a TV screen, remastered (still an ongoing task) and reencoded by myself and then reintegrated into the game. When I did this, I realized that being initially filmed with a camera, these to cutscenes had been transformed into 30 fps videos (29.97 fps to be precise). I don’t want to get into to much detail but this had been done by frame doubling, so I had to carefully remove every doubled frame without removing unique frames that would otherwise result in choppy movements. Suffice to say, I did it the easy way which resulted in two 15 fps cutscenes.

What has this to do with the mentioned subtitles I mentioned at the beginning, you may ask? Well, in those two cutscenes (now being 15 fps instead of 12 fps, which the game expects), the subtitles didn’t match the voices anymore. This was especially bad for a spanish translation project.

So I returned to those videos, carefully removed 3 doubled frames each 15 frames and voilá: Mix_complete17 now runs at 12 fps, completely in sync with it’s subtitles. As a side effect a few animations are a little bit smoother now. Being quite satisfied with the results, I will do this for Mix_complete22 in the near future as well. And as always any changes will be included in the next Beta.

Next year? 🙂

Warcraft Adventures_ Lord of the Clans 20.04.2019 12_09_20

Adding the finishing touches

Happy new year everyone! Having finished the big milestone BETA 2.0 last year, I am now working on small parts here and there. For example, in the game’s intro Blackmore is riding on a horse while enjoying the rain. Both, the movement and the rain, were to much to handle for the low bitrate of the original video. The result was a very blocky scene. This couldn’t stay that way! So I opened each frame in Photoshop and removed those nasty compression artifacts.