Monthly Archives: November 2016

First meeting with Hellscream

While still working on mix_complete22, I wanted to add some sounds once again so I finished mix_complete08. Although the scene isn’t overly complex it still took its time. First I resynced all the voices. I had to edit the track quite a bit but I am amazed at how well all the mouths’ movements and voices fit together once I get the timing right. The animation studio responsible for this really did  a great job, condering that this is a game from 1998! Additionally I prolonged the song in order to remove the gap between the singing and Hellscream’s “STOP”. Now Hellscream shouts while everybody’s still singing. I mean, why should he order them to stop if they were already silent. As always I added lots of sound effects and a music track (“WarCraft Adventures – Music081”) as well.

I haven’t forgotten mix_complete22 and it’s already in pretty good shape. It just needs some tedious frame by frame editing now. I will get back to it once I have some more free time. Maybe I will upload my current work in progress version at the end of the month…or maybe I’ll even finish it. We’ll see…

Thrall will be riding dragons soon 🙂

I also finished mix_Cs07. In this (very) short cutscene Thrall enters the zeppelin for the first time. I just used five sounds, but still it’s like night and day compared to the original version without any sounds.


My job’s really keeping me busy at the moment, but from time to time I do have some time to work on act 09 (aka mix-complete22). The cutscene is a mess. It’s flickering like hell, has lots of animation errors and it feels like every 20th frame is corrupted in some way. But, slowly I am making progress and I even started on doing some sound work. Very basic stuff at the moment but I’m hoping to have finished a first version at the end of the month, maybe earlier.

Fixing the animation errors will be a real challenge. Easy things like Thrall taking off on his dragon at the end of the scene is already fixed. Other scenes, like Thrall changing positions while talking will be much harder.

Once again I used the deflickering filter I mentioned earlier. I have to do a lot of manual work though because of the ghosting effect that comes with it. Well, I won’t complain. I ‘m doing this out of my own free will…right? Right?