About this blog

This is my attempt of adding sound effects to the cutscenes of WarCraft Adventures – Lord of the Clans and removing visual deficiencies by removing compression artifacts or redrawing individual frames.

I was really looking forward to this game back in 1998, so I was very disappointed when it got cancelled. The game has been leaked in 2016, completely playable but with missing sound effects in almost all cutscenes.

Now, thanks to the internet’s endless possibilities, I have an opportunity of completing a game I wanted to own for the past 18 years. Up to this point (August 2017) I have finished three beta releases, which can be downloaded on this blog. Further improvements will be made in the future.


Warcraft Adventures is owned by Blizzard Entertainment. I do NOT own the game or it’s cutscenes. I’m simply doing this out of appreciation of this game. Therefore this package only contains the cutscenes, meant as a fanmade mod. I will never supply the whole game.



3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Not sure how else to contact you. Just noticed an issue with the flag color by the end of the video in Mix_complete27. When Thrall is handed the flag it’s pinkish white, next shot and onward it’s blue.


    1. Well spotted! Thanks! I’ve already corrected a lot of those little mistake made by the original animation studio but I’ve missed this one 🙂 It will be fixed in the next beta.

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  2. Great job you’re doing. Keep it up! I have an issue with the intro though. When your beta isn’t installed the intro works. When I install your beta the intro gets skipped. Any thoughts?


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