WACRP Beta 2.2 released!

Another 9 months have passed and it’s time for a new release! As you can see, time between different releases is getting longer but between buying a house and starting a family I’m surprised there even IS a new version 🙂 Besides, WACRP is in a pretty good state now.

BETA 2.2 includes 2 newly updated cutscenes. Further compression artifacts have been removed in both the intro and final cutscene. In addition I have resynced a few voices (intro and ending) and fixed a continuity error (ending). So remember using the newest version for your next playthrough of Warcraft Adventures.

Banner BETA 2.2 Download.png

12 thoughts on “WACRP Beta 2.2 released!

  1. I check your web everynow and then, and today is the day!! Thanks for keeping this project alive and for all your efforts to keep this gem shining evermore.

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  2. Me too! I check the page like every week and everytime there´s a new update I get so excited! You´re a true legend man!! So glad you´re keeping this project alive! Most projects like this dies after a while but you just keep working and working!

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