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Another preview

Beeing the last release for quite a while, Beta 2.0 should at least correct the biggest issues. So I rewatched both “TVRip videos” and one scene definitely stood out. Thrall talking to the horde isn’t just the climax of the entire scene, it’s also the moment almost all detail gets lost. So, the next few days I’ll try to fix that. What you see below is ONE redrawn frame and it took me quite some time. In order to use it in the actual cutscene, I have to redraw all animations in that scene. Thankfully, that’s isn’t as much as it seems. The flags, a few spears and axes, waving hands and a talking (and walking) Thrall is “all” there is to do.


BETA 2.0 Preview

The next Beta is already in the works. Beta 1.0 included all cutscenes with added sound effects, so it’s only appropriate that the next release, beeing visually enhanced in every cutscene, becomes Beta 2.0. The following comparison shot illustrates the most common problem in the cutscenes that came with the original leak. Beeing compressed with an insufficient bitrate, they suffer from a lot of compression artifacts. In order to fix this, I used subsequent frames as a basis for my restoration effords and carefully combined them with the problematic ones in Photoshop. This had to be done for almost all cutscenes and I have pretty much finished this task:


The later added TVRip videos had more serious problems though. Many scenes had lost far too much detail after beeing processed by the deflickering filter and Waifu upscaling. So I started redrawing certain scenes. I’m not even close at finishing this gigantic task, but I am making progress. Don’t expect this to be finished any time soon (or ever). The following comparison shot illustrate the work that has been done on them (Mix_complete17):


The next scene isn’t complete, yet. I plan on redrawing all the orcs one day. Right now, only the background has been redrawn and replaced (Mix_complete22):


That’s it for now. Once 2.0 is out I will, once again, take a break from this. But be assured: You havent’s seen the last of this project…yet 🙂