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BETA 1.2 released!

It is time for another beta release! The latest beta 1.2 includes 3 updated cutscenes with reduced compression artifacts. Additionally a few scenes in Mix_complete17 have been redrawn by hand to restore lost details due to previous filtering (read my previous postings for additional informations). Last but not least several color palette errors have been fixed. So, download it while it’s hot:

Banner BETA 1.2 Download.png


  • improved image quality – numerous compression artifacts have been removed by hand (Mix_complete08, Mix_complete09, Mix_complete10)
  • improved image quality – numerous scenes haven been redrawn by hand (Mix_complete17)
  • fixed audio – synced a word from Hellscream to the correct mouth movement (Mix_complete08)
  • fixed wrong color palette – a color palette error has been fixed (Mix_complete09, Mix_complete24, CS25_A)

Have a look at the new FAQ section in case  of any questions you might have!

This project isn’t just about adding sounds any more. In the past few months I have removed a lot of compression artifacts and animations errors. I even repainted a few frames here and there. Therefore the name “Cutscenes Sound Project” didn’t seem to fit any longer. Taking this change of plans for the project into consideration, I decided to rename the project to Warcraft Adventures – Cutscenes Remaster Project.