Plans for next beta

Now that the first beta is released, it’s time to think about the future. I’ve already fixed a small mistake in the ending cutscene, which will be included in the next release (beta 1.1): after having watched a video from Reidor I realized I had synced a short sentence from Thrall to the wrong mouth movement. Fixing it didn’t take long though. I’m pretty sure there will be more mistakes like this and I’ll try to fix them all for the next beta. But the next version will be more than just bugfixing.

For beta 1 I removed numerous compression artifacts in the intro and ending cutscene. For beta 2.0 my plan is to get rid of those artifacts in the other cutscenes as well.  Right now I am working on Mix_complete11 and the difference is quite noticable. As you can see, there’s still much to do. No time to get lazy 🙂

Mix_complete11 – unaltered version
Mix_complete11 – remastered version

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