There’s always room for improvements

I recently discovered how to encode smk files without a noticable quality loss, so I took a closer look at how to improve the cutscenes any further. Most of them are fine, but the intro had it’s share of problems: Being heavily compresses, it suffered from compression artifacts and loss of detail. In addition to that there were a few animation errors, like frames not reaching the bottom or missing mouth animations. So I started improving. I removed a lot of compression artifacts by hand or replaced backgrounds by using later frames as a source. The result really is a big improvement imo.

I’m still planning on releasing the first beta release at the end of the month. Keep your fingers crossed…

This frame suffered from heavy compression artifacts. By combining several frames I was able to fix it completely.
Comparison 2
This frame’s background completely lost all of it’s detail. Additionally there were a lot of compression artifacts. I fixed it by using parts of a subsequent frame.

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