Never say never

I thought my work on the last cutscene was finished. As it turned out I could achieve much more:

Changelog for BETA 3:

  • I redid many scenes with an improved waifu upscaling procedure. I will write about it in another blogpost.
  • A lot of the remaining flickering could be fixed by using masks and repainting frames.
  • By analyzing the video frame by frame even more corrupted frames got fixed.
  • I restored an orc face that was distorted in the original video (00:01.28).
  • I fixed a few compression artifacts by taking a perfect frame and using it to edit all further frames with artifacts.
  • As always there were many more small things here and there.

This is it. I’m not saying I won’t return to this cutscene but I definetely need something fresh now. Enjoy 🙂


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