Someone cheered too soon

…and that someone was me. I was so happy with the results I was able to achieve using the deflicker filter that I didn’t notice the nasty error that came with it. Watching the cutscene on my TV screen, I noticed a ghosting effect. At first I thought it had something to do with the TV screen, but once I opened the particular frame in Photoshop I could see the ghosting, only less visible. The frame below has increased brightness to make the ghosting more visible. If your screens brightness is set to a low level, you might not even see it now. Well, I saw it and it had to go. But how?

A nasty ghosting effect came along with the deflickering (image brightened up).

The solution was way more time consuming than I had in mind: I created a new version without the deflicker filter and combined frames from both versions to get the best of both worlds. I just had to do it for specific scenes (those with issues) but it took me over 10 hours to correct this. The new version has almost no ghosting left but is still (relatively) free from flickering. I’m really happy with the result but I am not sure what I will do about the second missing cutscene (mix_complete22), which is in need of deflickering as well. They way I did it in this case was way to time consuming.

Anyway, the next version is ready. Besides having dealt with the ghosting issue, I fixed a few more corrupted frames and corrected two animation errors. The first one was shown to me by IllidanS4:

Is there someone standing behind those guys?
As a matter of fact there was! An animation was set behind a static image and therefore couldn’t be seen. I removed that animation by dublicating and editing the final frame.

The second error was more of a continuity error. Thrall removes a scroll from the dead messenger orc. In the next scene this orc can be seen WITH the scroll in his hand. So I ended up removing the scroll…in e v e r y frame in that scene 🙂

The elder scroll…
…is no more.

Mix in a few audio fixes and you get a new version of Mix_complete17, aka Act 08. Regarding the video it is, at least in my opinion, final. If I spend another day on this I’ll surely get mad. Besides, my vacation is almost over…


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