WarCraft Adentures walks a thin line between being a bloody, mature adventure and real slapstick. The “surferboy” cutscene belongs to the latter. Using his shield as a surfboard Thrall crosses a yawning abyss. It feels strange and a litte bit out of place. But that’s what Blizzard tried to achieve with the game. A hybrid – a serious game, that could instantly turn into a comedy for short periods of time.

In this cutscene Thrall uses his shield the second time. The video is without an audio track but the game itself delivers a windy ambient sound and a music track. So all I had to do was to give it some sound effects for the surfing part. I ended up using bits and pieces of the sound of a real snowboarder and a stroke of a wing for his flight across the abyss.

I will upload the first finished missing cutscene I mentioned in the previous blogpost at a later date. I have to check the volume once more and right now I’m not at home so my only equipment consists of headphones from my Galaxy S7.


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