Missing pieces

Six days ago I wrote about two missing cutscenes being found. My biggest hope was, that it would be possible to reintegrate them back into the game. Thanks to IllidanS4 it is not only possible. Instead there is already a complete download available. Right now I am working on cleaning the audio and adding sound effects. The first of those two cutscene is almost finished. In addition to that I’m looking for ways of removing the flickering and other distortions. I believe to have found an elegant solution, but it’s too soon to make any promises.

Meanwhile I have finished another cutscene: Thrall’s escape by catapult (Mix_complete03). I will upload it within the next days. It’s a short scene and not that spectacular.

As a side note: Considering how many gaming websites wrote about the leak of the game a few weeks ago, it is interesting to see that there is NO ongoing coverage about the game. Thinking about it: I can’t remember even one article, that mentioned the missing cutscenes in the first place. So it is only appropriate that nobody’s writing about those missing pieces that have just been found. Well, I don’t really care. I am just happy that a game I really like is now more complete than ever.


2 thoughts on “Missing pieces

  1. Nice, looking forward to seeing how you’ll handle the flickering etc. Also, my decrease of the framerate was not perfect, there were some vertical desynchronisation and smoothness issues, so if you work at the frame level, maybe you can find some way to fix that too. If you start anew without using my version of the cutscenes, you don’t have to worry about the cursor – the process to remove it was mostly automated (masked overlay based on frames where the cursor wasn’t present), so now it is not much of an issue. By the way, I used waifu2x to upscale (UpRGB method) the frames and remove the noise (highest level), and also ffmpeg to crop the frames from the VOB file (if relevant).

    And as always, I knew these two cutscenes were missing, specifically, even before the “official” leak of the game, as I was inspecting the resource files back then and found the missing script. Nevertheless, I thought them lost forever, so I am certainly happy about them being found, even though their quality is yet to be perfected.

    There is only one other “cutscene” I am aware of still missing – the part where Thrall is learning shamanistic magic. There were only three grayscale images released from it (present on Scrolls of Lore, I believe), and some mentions and script in the documents. I haven’t checked whether that can be included in the game as well, but if it is just a slideshow with narrative, it would be possible with more or less edits.

    By the way, I have upscaled all cutscenes from the game to 1080p with waifu2x, and it looks totally marvelous. I will start uploading them soon but, if you are okay with it, please send me the fixed WAV/FLAC audio tracks from the cutscenes you have already finished, so it will be uploaded in the best version.

    If I find some way to make the game use Bink instead of Smacker, we can have 1080p cutscenes playable in the real game, too (and decrease the repack size as a bonus). ☺


    1. It’s always great to get new insights into WarCraft Adventures. You seem to know a lot! Do you have a link to those greyscale images? And speaking of insights: Where did you get the information about a korean animation studio you mentioned a few days ago?

      About the deflickering: It will do tests once I have access to my “big machine”. Doing it without CUDA would take days 😉 I will keep your suggestions in mind. I’m still not sure if it works out or not but it’s worth a try.

      About uploading my stuff: I can provide you with my current versions. Once I have access to all of my files again I will let you know (maybe Saturday or Sunday). I’m anxious to see those 1080p files.

      Btw: A while back I read on voggons about your plans of doring a complete “remake” of the game with some adventure maker. Quite an ambitious plan you had. Thankfully it isn’t necessary anymore and we can play with the original instead 🙂


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