The first intro

It’s time for the first intro video. The very first cutscene differs from all other cutscenes. It is the only one with a complete audio track (voice AND sound) and…it is missing it’s last minute of audio. Why this is the case nobody really knows, but fellow WarCraft fan IllidanS4 assumes, the video has been set to the wrong fps which would explain a lot. Whatever the reason: I had to recreate the missing audio. A doable task…but what about the missing voices. My first approach was mixing existing voiced but that wasn’t really that convincing. I ended up using TTS software (text to speech). Together with the official game script (again, thanks to IllidanS4) I recreated the original dialog as good as I could. After resyncing the audio and carfully applying noise reduction the first intro of WarCraft Adventures was finally ready.

First intro? If you look carefully, you’ll realize, that WarCraft Adventures actually has two intros, both telling the same story but differing in quality. The intro I recreated the audio for was made by Animation Magic. The second, superior version, was made by another studio. So in a way I have put a lot of work into an intro that is, well, in a way, obsolete. Nevertheless it’s part of the whole package and I had to do it someday. So why not now 🙂

The video below is outdated. An improved version with reduced bass and adjusted volume already exists. So consider it a work in progress.


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