A bird never flew on one wing

One intro is not enough. So here it is: The initital version (BETA 1) of the second intro from WarCraft Adventures. First I synced the audio and added lots of sound effects, for example rain, wind, footsteps, moving and using keys, opening a door, blood, falling, clothes, horses, splashes, dragging and dropping. Though the cutscene had all it’s voice over, Blackmoores laughter was missing. So I created it from the other intro. His “ah” when seeing the orc baby is the first bit of an “are” when he’s talking to Thrall.

Music is the key. I added three new tracks but fear not: There’s still much going on without music. I ended up using parts of the following tracks:

  • WarCraft 1 Orcs and Humans – “Track 6”,
  • WarCraft Adventures – “Music100” and
  • WarCraft III – Frozen Throne – “Orc Theme”.

I also removed something from the original audio track. Some of the orc laughter was looped badly. My guess is it was just a placeholder, as it was basically the same sound looped three times.

Enough said. Have fun.


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