One small step…

I started this project before I started this blog. Because of that I have already done some work. The first cutscenes I did were CS25_A, CS25_B and CS25_C from the end of the game. They show Thrall shooting a crossbow, are very short and don’t include many sound effects. The perfect starting point for my little project.

Finding sounds is not that easy. I neither have the time nor the resources to produce all sound effects by myself so for the most part I have to rely on free sounds. A great website for this is You have to keep in mind though, that this is not a professional, commercial website. There are a lot of great sounds but even more mediocre ones. And once you’re looking for an orc crowd, you have to do it yourself.

I had my tools, I had my sounds…time to do some action. The first video had four sound effects: Thrall shooting a crossbow, the bow hitting a lantern, an orc grabbing the lantern and putting it back on the ground. Syncing those sounds was rather easy and after giving them a nice reverb, it sounded pretty good.

CS25_B introduced a barrel being hit by the bow and leaking fluid.

Finally, CS25_C gave me some screaming orcs. There was room for improvement though. The sound of the orcs and the bowl hitting the ground were to faint. I have already fixed it. I just didn’t upload the improved video to youtube, yet. So what you see below is only an early first version:

Well, that was rather easy. Feeling confident, I thought I was ready for the final cutscene. Boy, was I wrong. Next time I’ll write about sitting endless hours in front of my screen, searching for over 40 sound effects and the difficulty of finding the perfect music track.


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